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CD Rates are low.... The Wall Street Journal says the national average rate for 5 Year Jumbo Certificates of Deposit as of March 13, 2012 is 1.14%.  If you need any of your money back early, CDs have substantial penalties for early withdrawal that will take away some of your principal.  And on top of that, you can only have access to your interest during the term....none of your principal ...that is only 1.14% each year without penalty.

The CD Type Fixed Annuities we offer pay nearly 3 times the interest and way provide tons more liquidity than competing CDs. In fact, the current fixed annuity rate for 5 years is nearly triple the Rate for 5 Year Jumbo CDs.  Combine this with the flexibility to withdraw 15% annually without penalty plus cumulative interest at any time ... this fixed annuity rate can't be beat.  You owe it to yourself to find out why 1000's of investors seeking safety in these turbulent times are using old school fixed annuities to beat the banks.

If you are sitting in cash or money markets waiting for a safe time to get back in the market you may be waiting a very long time.  Earning nothing in a bank while you wait is a losing proposition.  Many people are turning to bonds and bond funds thinking that is a safe place to get a good return.  Think again.  Bonds today are just as risky as the stock market.  

Today's realities pose huge downside to bond investors in the form of interest rate and credit risk. The value of a bond moves inversely to interest rates. If interest rates rise, (which they are sure to do) bond values fall. We find ourselves in situation where the U.S. Federal Reserve has acted to cause interest rates to remain artificially low. It is only a matter of time before interest rates rise from these historic lows. A bond fund with an average maturity of 10 years could easily lose 20% within a very short period of time if interest rates rise only 2%. The old rule of thumb says that for every 1% rise in market interest rates, a bond will lose value in the area of 1% times its length to maturity. In other words, for every 1% rise interest rates, a 10 year bond could lose 10% in value.

With the high risk to retirement income posed by stocks, equity mutual funds, and the current risks in the bond market, it may be time for investors, investment advisers, and securities regulators to take a fresh look at fixed and indexed annuities. Many fixed and indexed annuities help insulate the purchaser from these risks while providing both liquidity and guaranteed income for life.

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